Vertical Winding Machine


Vertical Winding Machine


Formertron manufactures Vertical Winding Machine from 3 Ton to 50 Ton capacity. The Vertical Winding Machines are of two types as stated below:-

Pit Type winding machines:  Pit type winding machines are used for winding large size Transformer coils and are installed in a Pit. In a Pit Type Machine the Winder Head moves vertically making it convenient for the Operator to stand on the floor level during the winding process.

Floor Type winding machines: Floor Type Winding Machines have two platforms, Operator Platform and De-Reeler which move up and down using hydraulics. These machines are generally installed where making of a pit is not possible. 

Key Features:

Both types of machines are equipped with a PLC based control system and can be provided with provisions for SCADA integration. Some characteristics of our machines are:

  • Step-less regulated rotation speed
  • Centralized automatic lubricating system
  • Adjustable Aperture
  • Power-Off Memory, and Auto Stop when pre-set values are reached

Custom-built machines can also be designed on request.

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