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Block 'C', Road No. 3,
T.T.C. Industrial Area,
Pawane, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400 703, India.

Phone: +91-022-20870713 / +91-022-20870714

Director : Mr. Karan Sharma

Mobile :- +91 9321007943

Managing Director : Mr. Vinay Sharma

Mobile :- + 91 9821043700




Our Top Services

Former / Winding Mandrels

We manufacture Winding Mandrels for Transformer Coils that are suitable for Vertical as well as Horizontal Winding Machines.

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Coil Lifting Fixture

The Coil Lifting Fixture is used to handle and move the individual or assembled transformer coils of diverse diameters, radial depths, lengths, and ...

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Horizontal Winding Machine

Formertron manufactures Conventional and Semi-Automatic Winding Machines ranging from 1 Ton to 25 Ton Capacity with a proven and robust design. ...

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Vertical Winding Machine

Formertron manufactures Vertical Winding Machine from 3 Ton to 50 Ton capacity. The Vertical Winding Machines are of two types as stated below:-

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Core Stacking Table

The Core Building/Stacking Table is installed to Stack Laminations, assemble the Core and to lift the Core vertically. ...

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CCA Workstation

Core To Core Coil Assembly Work Station / Assembly Platform is used for Assembly of Transformer Active Parts. The equipment helps in easy access of the Active Part and ...

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Conductor Bending Tool

Formertron manufactures the following Bending Tools that are required in the Transformer Industry ...

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Motorized Trolley

Formertron manufactures Inter-bay Motorized Trolleys from 5 Ton to 40 Ton Load Carrying Capacity. These Trolleys are used for transferring ...

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Phase Assembly Platform

The Phase Assembly Platform is in a four-segment construction to maximize the circularity of the aperture.
Vertical travel of the entire platform is synchronized to avoid tilting on any side. It is ...

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Coil Compacting Press

Transformer coils after winding need to be compressed to a specific height based on the transformer design. During the winding process the height of the winding increases due to the gap in each disc.

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Formertron manufactures De-Coiler Systems for unwinding of copper conductors used in the transformer industry. It is also known as a De-Reeler System...

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Wire Tensioner

Tensioner is used to apply measured clamping force on the conductors during the winding operation. This results in a uniform pulling force ...

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ISO-Static Coil Pressing

The ISO-Static Coil Pressing Device is a portable hydraulic coil pressing device.
Its basic features are:
Hydraulic jacks on the pressing table have a valve to hold the pressure after disconnecting the power pack.

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Looping Machine

Formertron manufactures Looping machines required for making diamond coils of MV & HV Motors. The machine has an end to end adjustable pin arrangement and is equipped ....

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Taping Machine

Formertron manufactures Shield Ring Taping machines consisting of a taping head ring closely guided in the inner diameter of an outer ring. The outer ring is mounted firmly on a fabricated and machined base

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Conductor Pressing Device

A Conductor Pressing Device is used for a compact and tight coil. The coil is pressed both radially and axially during the winding process, and the pressing force is adjustable per the customer’s requirement ...

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Half Moon Conductor Cutting Tool

The Half Moon Cutting Tool is used for semi-circular cutting of copper conductors used in the winding process for distribution & power transformers. The tool can be furnished stand alone or mounted on a portable trolley for convenience.

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