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At Formertron, we ensure human touch meets incredible engineering achievements. We build strong customer relations and provide solutions to make businesses more productive, and innovative.

If you are curious and excited about testing your engineering skills and delivering innovative designs, Formertron is the company that will give you a platform. We continue to hire individuals with impact - the kind that make a difference and those with a passion for designing equipments for the transformer manufacturers.


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Former / Winding Mandrels

We manufacture Winding Mandrels for Transformer Coils that are suitable for Vertical as well as Horizontal Winding Machines.

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Coil Lifting Fixture

The Coil Lifting Fixture is used to handle and move the individual or assembled transformer coils of diverse diameters, radial depths, lengths, and ...

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Horizontal Winding Machine

Formertron manufactures Conventional and Semi-Automatic Winding Machines ranging from 1 Ton to 25 Ton Capacity with a proven and robust design. ...

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Vertical Winding Machine

Formertron manufactures Vertical Winding Machine from 3 Ton to 50 Ton capacity. The Vertical Winding Machines are of two types as stated below:-

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Core Stacking Table

The Core Building/Stacking Table is installed to Stack Laminations, assemble the Core and to lift the Core vertically. ...

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CCA Workstation

Core To Core Coil Assembly Work Station / Assembly Platform is used for Assembly of Transformer Active Parts. The equipment helps in easy access of the Active Part and ...

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Conductor Bending Tool

Formertron manufactures the following Bending Tools that are required in the Transformer Industry ...

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Motorized Trolley

Formertron manufactures Inter-bay Motorized Trolleys from 5 Ton to 40 Ton Load Carrying Capacity. These Trolleys are used for transferring ...

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Phase Assembly Platform

The Phase Assembly Platform is in a four-segment construction to maximize the circularity of the aperture.
Vertical travel of the entire platform is synchronized to avoid tilting on any side. It is ...

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Coil Compacting Press

Transformer coils after winding need to be compressed to a specific height based on the transformer design. During the winding process the height of the winding increases due to the gap in each disc.

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Formertron manufactures De-Coiler Systems for unwinding of copper conductors used in the transformer industry. It is also known as a De-Reeler System...

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Wire Tensioner

Tensioner is used to apply measured clamping force on the conductors during the winding operation. This results in a uniform pulling force ...

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ISO-Static Coil Pressing

The ISO-Static Coil Pressing Device is a portable hydraulic coil pressing device.
Its basic features are:
Hydraulic jacks on the pressing table have a valve to hold the pressure after disconnecting the power pack.

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Looping Machine

Formertron manufactures Looping machines required for making diamond coils of MV & HV Motors. The machine has an end to end adjustable pin arrangement and is equipped ....

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Taping Machine

Formertron manufactures Shield Ring Taping machines consisting of a taping head ring closely guided in the inner diameter of an outer ring. The outer ring is mounted firmly on a fabricated and machined base

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Conductor Pressing Device

A Conductor Pressing Device is used for a compact and tight coil. The coil is pressed both radially and axially during the winding process, and the pressing force is adjustable per the customer’s requirement ...

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Half Moon Conductor Cutting Tool

The Half Moon Cutting Tool is used for semi-circular cutting of copper conductors used in the winding process for distribution & power transformers. The tool can be furnished stand alone or mounted on a portable trolley for convenience.

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