Tension Unit


Tension Unit


Tensioner is used to apply measured clamping force on the conductor in vertical direction for Horizontal Winding Machine and in X- Axis for Vertical Winding Machine resulting in creating a uniform pulling force on conductors during the winding operation.   This ensures compactness of coil and uniform diameter of winding.  Formertron manufactures Conductor Tensioner for both i.e. Horizontal as well as Vertical Winding Machine.

The Tensioner Unit is installed on a machined & fabricated enclosure (trolley). This trolley is guided on a horizontal slide with a travel to cover the maximum length of coil. The horizontal movement is manual / motorized and can be locked along the length of the horizontal travel.

Multiple separator plates made of Fiber / Stainless Steel buffed plates are assembled in the enclosure to separate the number of conductors. These separator plates are decided on the maximum number of conductors as per the design of coil and have to be decided by the customer.

The Pneumatic cylinders are mounted on the top plate of the Trolley and force is applied on the separator plate which is transferred on to the conductor and the clamping force is displayed by the load cell.

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