Wire Tensioner

Tension Unit / Wire Tensioner

Tensioner is used to apply measured clamping force on the conductors during the winding operation. This results in a uniform pulling force on the conductors ensuring compactness of coil and a uniform diameter of winding.

The Tensioner is installed on a machined & fabricated enclosure (trolley). This trolley is guided on a horizontal slide with a travel to cover the maximum coil length. The trolley movement can be made manual or motorized.

Multiple separators are assembled in the enclosure to separate the conductors. Pneumatic / Hydraulic cylinders apply measured clamping force on the separators. This clamping force is displayed by a load cell

Formertron can manufacture Wire Tensioners with a Clamping Force Capacity of up to 100,000 N suitable for the Winding of Power Transformers.

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