Former / Winding Mandrels


Former / Winding Mandrels


We manufacture Winding Mandrels for Transformer Coils that are suitable for Vertical as well as Horizontal Winding Machines.  Formertron has manufactured Mandrels broadly with the below specifications.

Minimum Maximum


1 meter


3.8 meters

3400 mm

Formertron manufactures

  • Round Mandrels
  • Elliptical Mandrels
  • Rectangular Mandrels

Our expanding mandrels are accurate up to 1.5mm in diameter/cylindricity across the entire working length of the mandrel and are known for their durability, accuracy and ease of use.

Our unique manufacturing design eliminates coil buckling. The staggered placement and the contour of our ABS pads on the outermost surface of the mandrel eliminate the polygonal formation of coils during winding.

An optional actuation tool for adjusting the mandrel from one diameter to another is also available to enhance the productivity by reducing the changeover time & efforts of the operator.

Our mandrels can be customized per your requirement & specifications. 

Our mandrels can be manufactured in any shape (from Round to Rectangular) and can be painted in colors to match your color coding requirements.

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